Health benefits of drinking your veggies

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WINSTON SALEM, N.C. -- The juice that's all the rage these days isn't the kind of juice you grew up with. No added sugar or anything extra. Just piles of raw, fresh, organic produce cold pressed into a colorful concoction.

"That's how I really got into it, just playing around. I wondered how it would make me feel if I mixed it together. I felt so much better, it was undeniable," said Lonnie Atkinson, owner the Village Juice Company.

Atkinson grew up loving her diet of Southern staples, including biscuits and gravy. She moved to California for her sales job and there she discovered the health benefits of juicing. She says her stomach problems and low energy disappeared. In 2008, her mom was diagnosed with heart disease and lung cancer. Atkinson moved home to help take care of her mom before and after the surgery.

"I juiced everything for her, made smoothies." Atkinson said. "She lost 10 pounds in three weeks, her cholesterol dropped 100 points before her next visit, doctors said she recovered much quicker than they thought she would. I knew I was onto something."

Sarah Kairoff, 57, says the juices help with her sleep, mental clarity, overall mood and weight. "You can literally feel it when you take your first sip. You can feel that your body likes it. I tell all of my friends."

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