Tim Brown becomes all-time winningest driver for Bowman Gray modified racing

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. – Tim Brown drove his 83 car to victory Friday night to become the all-time winningest driver in modified racing Bowman Gray Stadium.

Saturday night, he led the 100-lap race flag to flag to increase that stat by one.

In capturing that 75th career victory, Brown's is on a streak of three race wins in as many races.

Brown never lost the lead in the race thanks to great re-starts, some of which were criticized by fans, fellow drivers and even Bowman Gray officials who called off the very start of the race after Brown got too big of a jump before the green flag even flew.

Many of his restarts were questionable if you consider the radio chatter of other drivers but officials didn't have to take any action against him.

Burt Myers told his crew over the in-car radio that he only wished his car would accelerate the way Brown's did Saturday. Myers finished second in the race after many side-by-side restarts versus Brown.