Summerfield slaughter 30 years ago ended in deaths of couple, two sons

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Bitter Blood.

The words evoke a crime spree that ended violently and dramatically 30 years ago this Wednesday.

On June 3, 1985, a Chevrolet Blazer driven by Fritz Klenner exploded on N.C. 150 in Summerfield.

The bomb also killed Susie Newsom Lynch, his first cousin, lover and co-conspirator.

Her sons, John and Jim, were in the Blazer and already dead — poisoned and shot — when she or Fritz flipped the switch.

An hour earlier, Fritz tried to gun down police officers with an Uzi near the intersection of Friendly Avenue and New Garden Road. He wounded two officers, one seriously.

Those dramatic events revealed a tale too sensational even for Hollywood to script, one of wealth, power, incest, mental illness.

And deaths. So many senseless deaths.