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Cornerstone isn’t the only assisted living center in Winston-Salem with problems

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- Cornerstone Living Center – the Winston-Salem assisted living facility recently suspended by the state – is not the only assisted living facility facing suspension in the city.

FOX8 has learned that two others are facing suspension, and three in total received a zero star rating on a zero-to-four star scale.

One of the facilities with a zero star rating is Quality Professional MultiServices on Ohio Avenue. State DHHS officials say they sent a “Notice of Revocation” to the facility, and the licensee has appealed.

“We definitely [are contesting] the case, and it’s been filed with the attorney general’s office and we have a case this summer against the state,” said Henry Brown, an administrator with Quality Professional MultiServices.

Brown claims that in 1997, the state suspended their license and had to re-instate it due to their allegations being false.

When we asked the state about this, they said they “don't have access to records that would provide a response to your questions due to our record retention and destruction schedule.”

Brookdale Reynolda Road is another Winston-Salem facility with a zero star rating. The state says they “have issued a Suspension of Admissions and Intent to Revoke License notice” to the facility.

FOX8 was unable to contact administrators at the facility for comment.

The third Forsyth County assisted living facility with a zero star rating is Salem Terrace, on Old Salisbury Road.

The state says they “have not issued licensure action to Salem Terrace at this point,” even though Winston-Salem police say a 74-year-old male resident attacked a 93-year-old female resident there in February.

That woman suffered injuries which ultimately led to her death and Winston-Salem police say they are investigating it as a homicide.

DHHS documents show that the facility “failed to provide supervision for” the alleged assailant, “which resulted in the physical assault and subsequent death” of the 93-year-old.

The document continues to say “the facility failed to ensure residents were free of neglect related to failure to provide safety and protection for residents by admitting to the Special Care Unit with a history of violent outbursts who had physical altercations with residents resulting in injury to residents and the death of one resident.”

The state says, although they have not suspended the facility, they received several Type-A violations which lowered their rating score by 30 points.

Documents show that the facility failed to provide supervision to the alleged assailant, even after a “recent physical assault by [the] resident of three family members prior to hospitalization.”

We also learned of other violent acts allegedly committed by the assailant prior to the altercation which led to the death of the 93-year-old.

The documents show that on February 3, 2015 – 4 days prior to the alleged assault which inevitably accounted for the 93-year-old’s death – the alleged assailant “wandered into another resident’s room and an unwitnessed physical altercation occurred.”

Two days later, on February 5, the alleged assailant “wandered into a female resident’s room and pushed her down.”

On February 6, the alleged assailant “was swinging at staff,” “bit a staff member,” and “wandered into another male resident’s room and punched him in the left eye.”

The following day is when Winston-Salem police say the attack that led to the homicide occurred. The documents show that the alleged assailant lifted the 93-year-old female “out of her wheelchair, punched her in the face, and hit her across the legs with a belt.”

Documents continue to say that the 93-year-old was crying and saying, “stop, please stop” as the assault was occurring. The alleged assailant then took the woman’s wheelchair “and left with it.”

Documents show that “there was no documentation of increased supervision of [the alleged assailant] in response to aggressive or violent behaviors exhibited toward staff and other residents."

Based on record reviews and interviews, documents say “the facility failed to notify the physician and refer to mental health services for [the alleged assailant] with violent behavior resulting in the physical assault and subsequent death of another resident.”

FOX8 asked why a facility with a star rating of zero is allowed to continue to operate. The state’s response was, “star ratings are one of many tools available to consumers to use when looking for placement in an assisted living facility in NC. Licensure actions are not taken based on a facility’s star rating. Rather, the star rating reflects inspection findings and any penalties for violations.”

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