99-year-old woman gets birthday surprise of a lifetime from strangers on Facebook

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LONDON — A 99-year-old woman in London who turns 100 on Sunday received the birthday surprise of a lifetime this week. No, it wasn’t the typical card from the queen for turning 100 either.

The staff at BBC Radio Sheffield knew Winnie Blagden didn’t have anyone to celebrate the milestone with since her husband George passed away. They started a Facebook campaign asking people to sent Blagden birthday cards.

“We got thinking and decided to put out a small appeal to see if we could get a hundred cards or letters for Winnie to open on her birthday. We’ve been staggered by the response,” BBC reporter Kat Harbourne told The Telegraph.

Blagden received 16,000 cards and more than 200 present from people all over the world.

According to Mashable, Blagden received all of her presents and cards at a champagne reception.

“Everything has been lovely, I’m not used to it,” she told Mashable. “I don’t know why they’re making all this fuss but I want to thank everyone, it’s been beautiful.”

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