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Parents upset after Piedmont teacher plays ‘Charlie Charlie’ at school

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THOMASVILLE, N.C. -- The mother of an E. Lawson Brown Middle School student was not happy to learn one of her child's teachers was playing the "Charlie Charlie Challenge" in the classroom.

The trend, possibly linked to a playground game in Spanish-speaking countries, is a cross between "Bloody Marry" and "Ouija" board games that summons spirits.

"I don't see why they are just freewheeling, playing any game they are wanting to play," said Ashley Styles, who says the classroom is not the place. "Why can't [the teacher] use the time wisely and do something else."

In recent days, teenagers have been posting themselves participating on social media sites. The trend involves putting two pencils across the middle of a drawn cross with a yes or no and calling on the spirit "Charlie" to answer questions.

Experts say the phenomenon is due to the position of the pencils and slight environmental changes but many in the faith community believe calling on any spirits is opening doors to demonic forces.

The popularity this week of the "Charlie Charlie Challenge" even led the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association to address the trend. Graham previously talked about the issue of calling on spirits by writing "the Bible takes the occult and the demonic very seriously, including any attempt on our part to reach out to occult spiritual forces that promise to predict the future or give us supernatural advice."

“There's no prayer in school, there is no God [in school], there is not even a Pledge of Allegiance [in school]," said Styles. "But they are playing a game summoning the dead?”

Styles says she reported the incident to the school's principal. The Davidson County school system said they had no comment.