Davidson County ‘Healthy Corner Store Initiative’ to help with food insecurities

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DAVIDSON COUNTY, N.C. -- The Davidson County Health Department is recruiting the help of local corner stores to help combat obesity and food disparities.

More than $26,000 from the state helps to fund various programs within the department from the Healthy Communities Grant.

One of those programs is the Healthy Corner Store Initiative.

Currently there are seven corner stores/and or gas station that use state money for startup supplies to sell fresh produce along their isles.

Jen Hames serves as the education coordinator for the department and said the program will first help with the limited food access within the county.

“The city of Thomasville has four census tracks and all four census tracks are considered food desserts by the USDA,” Hames said. “The city of Lexington also has four census tracks, two of them are considered food deserts, two of them are not but because of the close proximity, food access is still considered an issue.”

Shannon Cabe, with Mobil Mart on Randolph Street in Thomasville, said last summer the initiative helped to boost their sales.

“They like it better than the grocery stores because these are fresh and everybody loves those home grown tomatoes,”Cabe said.

All of the produce used at Mobil Mart is from local farmers in the county.

Hames said the program for some stores is year-round, while others stick to summer harvests.

Other corner stores involved are: Arcadia Exxon in Lexington; Kelly’s 109 in High Point; High Rock Grocery in Lexington; Patriot Market in Lexington; Hill’s Farm & Garden in Thomasville; Randolph Mobil Mart in Thomasville; and Southmont Grocery in Lexington.