‘Semi-innocent’ High Point woman indicted in tax, student loan schemes

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Qwandania Raeshaunda McCrimmon spoke to FOX8's Carter Coyle back in March.

HIGH POINT, N.C. — Several people hired a High Point woman to prepare their taxes or help them get their student loans.

Now that woman is accused of taking about $20,000 that didn’t belong to her, according to High Point police, according to The Greensboro News & Record.

Qwandania Raeshaunda McCrimmon, 28, has been indicted on 11 counts of obtaining property by false pretenses, eight counts of identity theft, four counts of felony accessing computers and three misdemeanor counts of accessing computers.

The incidents began in August 2013, when McCrimmon used a woman’s name, birthdate and Social Security number to open a Sprint account to get three cellphone lines, according to the grand jury indictment. The suspect is alleged to have used the account through September 2014, and the woman was billed more than $3,100.

McCrimmon is accused of filing taxes for people in the community but keeping the refund money for herself.

Police say her primary method was to have victim’s refund money on a “Net Spend” card and then change the mailing address to her own or that of a friend. “She would use the card for shopping,” according to police.

They said her second method was to use the victim’s private information to open a fraudulent bank account in their name without consent. Then she would create passwords and security questions to ensure she could access the accounts and withdraw money once the refund was deposited, police said.

“I am semi-innocent. I did some of it, I’m not gonna lie. But the rest of it I didn’t,” McCrimmon told FOX8 on-camera back in March.

“It’s just not true. I can admit to two or three of the things but I didn’t do the rest of it. Some of the people are mad because they got audited and now they want to make it seem like it’s something that it’s not.”

FOX8’s Carter Coyle had previously asked McCrimmon how much money she stole.

“Six thousand dollars. Close to it,” she admitted. “I’ve been doing taxes for like three years. I’ve never had a problem like this,” she claimed.

FOX8’s coverage of the incident back in March is below:

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