Man accused of running over family of ducks with lawnmower

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Jason Falbo

WELLINGTON, Fla. — A Florida man is accused of running over a family of ducklings with his lawnmower, purposely swerving in their direction to hit them.

The Palm Beach Post reported that Jason Falbo, 24, faces animal cruelty charges and was jailed under a $27,000 bail.

The suspect claims he didn’t see the ducks, but three witnesses said they saw him intentionally change directions to run down the ducks.

He then allegedly backed up to run them over again, all while laughing and smiling, according to The Sun Sentinel.

The ducks consisted of a mother and her 11 ducklings. Only the mother and two ducklings survived, all the others died.

The family of three that witnessed the incident said it happened near their home. The family reportedly left food in their backyard and wanted to see the ducks go from the lake to their yard for the food.

“We were horrified,” father Boyd Jentzsch said, according to The Sun Sentinel. “I couldn’t believe it was happening. It was totally disgusting.”

The suspect works for a lawn maintenance company. His boss claims the grass was too high for him to see the ducks.

But the family saw the ducks from their home at a greater distance away, according to deputies. The family called authorities after witnessing the incident.

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