Bullying drives North Carolina teenager to get nose job

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ROLESVILLE, N.C. — A North Carolina teenager got a nose job to finally put an end to the bullying she said she’s endured for years.

WRAL reported that Rolesville teenager Amy Arnold recently went through with the procedure and has no regrets about it.

“It’s like I’m looking at a new person and a better person. I’m more confident,” she told the TV station. “I actually can talk to people and not be shy. I can make friends. I just feel great about myself.”

Arnold said she was bullied about her nose since she was in second grade. She said her peers would compare her to “Toucan Sam” from the Fruit Loops box, causing her to cry at night.

The teenager said she even thought about suicide. So she researched her options and decided to go through with plastic surgery.

Dr. Adam Stein, a facial plastic surgeon in Raleigh, operated on her. He said it is not an easy decision to operate on a teenager.

“This was one of those times where I was actually wholeheartedly recommending the surgery,” he told WRAL.

The teenager now indulges in selfies and calls the doctor her hero. Both the doctor and the teen said surgery should be a last resort option for bullying.

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