Thrilled SC kids watch as huge gator walks across lawn

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GOOSE CREEK, S.C. — A mother in South Carolina snapped a photo of her two kids as they watched a 10-foot gator walk across their lawn, according to WCSC.

It started when Sonya Gilreath was at her home and heard someone yelling outside.

“I was upstairs and heard someone outside saying,’Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!’ then I heard a car revving up,” Gilreath told WCSC.

Gilreath said she then heard her 3-year-old daughter saying there was a “big, giant alligator” outside.

According to Gilreath, a neighbor’s car was driving up on their grass to stop the gator, which was approximately 10-feet long, from walking towards kids who were on their way to the school bus.

The neighbor blocked the gator until the kids were on the bus.

Gilreath said later, she and her children went on their porch to watch the gator in the yard, but went inside when it got to close. Her kids went to watch the gator from the window and it was then that she snapped the photo.

Gilreath said her neighborhood’s Homes Owner’s Association will be sending someone out to capture the animal, which went to a nearby pond.

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