Elementary school student saves choking classmate

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ROCK HILL, S.C. — A fourth-grader in South Carolina saved his classmate’s life when he started choking on a chicken nugget, according to WBTV.

When Thomas Adkins began choking at lunch, classmate, Damariyon Pichardo jumped into action. He started performing abdominal thrusts on Adkins.

“When he started choking I got behind him,” Pichardo told WBTV.

Adkins had nearly finished his chicken nugget when he said it got stuck part of the way down.

Pichardo told WBTV that he knew exactly what to do to help his friend.

“My mom, she went to nursing school and then, like, she taught us how to do it before, and that came to mind when he started choking,” Pichardo told WBTV.

The two boys said that day was an important lesson on what to do in an emergency.

“It takes a couple of minutes for the ambulance to get there,” Adkins said, “so it’s best that you know how to do it.”

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