Winston-Salem bar owner sharing counterfeit money suspects caught on video

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- A bar owner in Winston-Salem is sharing video of counterfeit money being passed at her bar last Friday night to spread the word about some pretty good fakes being used.

“They felt real, you could mark them with a counterfeit detector pen so the pen didn't work and they had a magnetic strip in them,” said Danielle Bull, owner of Bull’s Tavern.

Bull said it was only after the group passed 11 $20 bills that one of her bartenders noticed the slight difference between the real bills and the fake ones. It was only when you turned the bill side to side that you could see markings on the number 20 did not change from green to gold.

Bull said she tried to stop the man once the bill was caught but he ran out the back. After going over video later Bull discovered two men and one woman were working together to spend as many of the fake twenties as possible.

The owner is hoping someone recognizes the trio and can prevent something similar from happening to other businesses.

“You take it personally,” said Bull. “They came into the business, purposely defrauded us and the moment they were caught they ran out the door so they knew what they were doing.”

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