Scam targeting local college students

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Police are warning residents about a phone scam, most recently targeting college students.

"They are using a police phone number," said Dawn Grosvenor, with Greensboro Police Department. "When people look it up and Google [the number] it does show you it’s a Greensboro police number."

But Grosvenor says the person on the other end of the line calling is a scammer claiming you must pay fines, back taxes or even college loan fees to avoid being arrested. "We've actually had three or four victim," said Grosvenor. "But we've had numerous phone calls where people actually call back to our police department asking is this legit?"

Investigators say scammers, with Middle Eastern accents, have been calling the area for the past six months threatening residents they could be arrested if they didn't pay fines or back taxes. One college student was fooled into paying $2,600 in fear of losing her college loan.

"[Police] would never call you about a warrant and would never threaten you," said Grosvenor. "No police department across the country would use that tactic."

Investigators say they can't do much about the crimes because the scammers are believed to be outside the country. If you get a call just hang up and call police non-emergency line to report it.

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