A Piedmont mom’s emotional ‘Mother’s Day thank you’ from her sons

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MEBANE, N.C. -- If the measure of a mom is what her kids think of her parenting once they're grown, Susan Ashworth got it right.

"The story of my mom is a story about courage, strength, love with no boundaries and a lot of perseverance," says Michael Anderson, as he got choked up as he read an email he sent into FOX8 about his mom. "Throughout all of the obstacles and challenges in her life, she continues to support herself and look on the bright side, more than most of us would dare."

Michael says his mom's love for her boys was steadfast, in good times and in times not so good.

"Michael went through a time, he didn't think I knew what I was talking about," laughed Susan.

Susan went through a divorce with the twins' father and then lost two husbands later that she loved dearly. "She just keeps taking care of everybody, never expects anything back," said Michael.

So, what's her secret? How did she raise such appreciative boys?

"You have to do what you can with what is in your path. If you want to find joy, help someone else. It makes you not think about your own problems. I just tried to be there for the boys and encourage them any way I could. I thank God because Michael and his brother both have become wonderful men, the men I wanted them to be."

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