Woman accused of cutting corpse during visitation at funeral home

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Shaynna Smith

TULSA, Okla. — Police said a woman in Oklahoma mutilated the body of a deceased woman during a visitation at a funeral home.

Shaynna Smith was charged with illegal dissection of a human body after she allegedly went into the Moore Funeral Home, found the deceased woman, who used to date her boyfriend, and began cutting the woman’s body.

Smith cut the woman’s hair, smudged her makeup and cut her face, according to KOKI.

The the deceased woman’s mother told police she saw Smith’s hands in the casket. She said Smith took her hands out when the mother walked up.

Police found Smith inside the deceased woman’s apartment after the woman’s son let her in to get jewelry for the funeral.

According to KOKI, police found a knife with hair on it, a box cutter and make-up on Smith when they arrested her.

Police said they still aren’t sure of the motive.

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