Teen kills mouse with stun gun

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OAK PARK, Mich. — A Michigan teenager is in trouble after a foolish and fatal prank.

An unidentified 16-year-old shot this video that made him YouTube infamous.

In the video he laughs and jokes before taking a Petco box and killing a mouse with a stun-gun.

YouTube took the video down, but not before Oak Park police heard about the incident.

Police said the young man who tortured that mouse was easy to track down because he wore his Glory Supermarket shirt as he made the video.

“What he was doing with the stun-gun type device, basically torturing an animal,” said Steve Cooper, a public safety director. “We want him to know that’s serious business and we take it seriously and it won’t be tolerated.”

Cooper said the teen was shocked when they showed up at his door.

“The sentiment that we received from him was that it was only a mouse; why are we making such a big deal of the incident,” Cooper said.

The teen lost his job for posting the video.

Police said he may face charges in juvenile court for cruelty to an animal  and illegally having a stun-gun.

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