First responders save dog after fatal accident in High Point

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- When first responders got to a car accident Sunday on Westchester Drive in High Point, they quickly realized they could not save the one man in the single car accident.

But, the dog in the vehicle with him -- they thought they could.

Jeffrey Crouse, an officer with High Point police, said that when he got to the accident, firemen were bathing the Chihuahua, Cheyenne, in soap and water.

Crouse explained that there were containers of asphalt sealer in the pickup truck, which spilled all over the dog in the crash.

"He had started to get small blisters under his eyes," Crouse said. "The sealer is kerosene-based. So it was burning the little dog's skin."

First responders then arranged for the dog to be taken to Thomasville Veterinary Hospital, where he has made a full recovery.

Crouse said that of course they prioritize saving human lives. But when that's not possible, they try to minimize the pain for a victim's family however they can.

"We're getting ready to go tell somebody some awful news that they don't want to hear, and news that we don't want to have to tell them," Crouse said. "But if there's one little bit of positive news that we can relay to make their day just a little bit better, then we'll go the extra effort to do that."

The CEO and veterinarian at Thomasville Animal Hospital, Dr. Karl Milliren, said he and Officer Crouse will be paying the full medical expenses for the dog. Cheyenne will be returned to his surviving family members.