Fan favorite Scythian rocks out at MerleFest

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WILKESBORO, N.C. -- Eight years ago, they weren't even invited to play at MerleFest. Now they're hands down one of the crowd favorites.

"It's a bigger tradition for us than Christmas. We come here and do this every year," said Helen Joy George, as she twirled around in the front of the stage where Scythian rocket out to hundreds of foot-stomping fans.

Scythian came to MerleFest and set up outside the gates, in the gravel parking lot. As festivalgoers left the grounds, they'd hear them and stop, just to listen. The next year, MerleFest organizers invited them to play the festival and the rest is history. Now, the fans go wild for Scythian.

The brothers Alex and Dan Fedorykas and might-as-well-be-a-brother Joey make up the DC-based Celtic rock band that the Washington Post says "has enthusiasm that is completely contagious."

"It's so special here at MerleFest. The fans are like family, you see kids grow up," laughs Alex. "There is nothing else like it."