Parents share story of accidentally backing over, killing son

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SPENCER COUNTY, Ky. — It isn’t easy for a Kentucky couple to share the story of how their 18-month-old son Jackson died, but they are for one reason.

On Feb. 13, Brian Bayers was getting ready to take Jackson to day care. While Jackson was playing inside, Brian decided to go warm his truck up and back it up to the house.

“When I got out of the truck, I hopped out of the truck to run to the back door and hopped up on the stoop and the back door was wide open,” Brian told WAVE.

He ran into the house calling his son’s name, but was unable to locate him.

“I went flying out the back door basically to see him on the driveway, and um… he had already been hit at that point in time and I had backed over him,” he said.

Brian said he immediately called 911 and, knowing there was nothing he could do to save his son, called his wife Amanda Bayers.

“I immediately wanted to hold him and held him for hours,” Amanda told WAVE. “I think just kissed him and rocked him, we took him back to his room. I just kept saying, ‘Why?'”

The Bayers say after the tragic accident, they learned just how common back-over accidents are. Now they are sharing their story in hopes of raising awareness.

“If we can save one child’s life by this and prevent one family from the kind of devastation that we have faced, that will be his legacy,” Brian said.

The Bayers are also raising money in hopes of building a park in Spencer County in Jackson’s honor.