Prosecutor: SC teen planned to kill NC soldiers at military base, join ISIS

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ROCK HILL, S.C. — A South Carolina teen was sentenced to juvenile detention Tuesday for possession of a firearm, but officials said the 16-year-old wanted to join ISIS.

The prosecutor told the family court judge in Rock Hill that the teen wanted to join ISIS in the Middle East and wage Jihad.

“It is obviously a very serious concern,” said solicitor, Kevin Brackett.

Brackett urged the court to send the teen to juvenile detention.

York Police went to the boy’s home in February and found a .25 caliber handgun the boy said was for protection.

The investigation revealed the teen had befriended a man in Raleigh who had radical Islamic beliefs. 

The two planned to rob a gun shop in North Carolina, then storm an unnamed North Carolina military base and shoot soldiers on the base.

Later, they planned to go to the Middle East and join ISIS to avenge U.S. airstrikes on the terrorist group.

Prosecutors could only charge the teen with having a gun underage, so Tuesday, they asked for an indeterminate sentence in juvenile detention to help him get his life back on track.

Brackett said a video-taped police interview with the teen, not shown in court, was disturbing.

“How he behaved on that video, as I told the court, is what caused me so much concern,” Brackett said.

The mother and uncle of the teen both spoke in court and said he was a good kid who believed in the laws of the United States, and didn’t mean any harm.

The boy will receive counseling in juvenile detention and will be released when experts believe he is no longer a threat.

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