Greensboro police plan for faster response times

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Police wants to cut down the time it takes to respond to 911 calls.

Their plan is to redraw the district lines on its response area map.

Currently there are four districts -- Central, Southern, Western and Eastern.

Response times range from five to almost eight minutes on average for emergency situations. Greensboro police would like to drop that number down to seven minutes on average for emergency situations and 12 minutes on average for non-emergency calls.

Many of the districts have changed geographically and in population since these divisions were created about 10 years ago.

To adjust to the current changes the lines will be redrawn, meaning officers will see adjustments in the areas they patrol. By redirecting and reassigning officers across the divisions, police hope to be more efficient in response times.

The updated changes will go into effect on Wednesday, April 29.

To see what division you are in, click here.

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