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98-year-old’s secrets for a long, healthy life

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WINSTON SALEM, N.C. -- When patients are admitted to Forsyth Medical Center, there's a good chance the person greeting them and pushing them to their room is quite a few decades older than them, the very spry 98-year-old longtime volunteer Mary Hunter.

"She's amazing, she's just amazing. I love to see her here," said Alison Dyson, RN. "She is a role model to all of us."

Each Tuesday, Hunter walks the long halls at the hospital, chatting up and escorting patients to their rooms. "I go wherever they want me to go, sometimes it's a long walk, sometimes it's short," Hunter told FOX8 with a huge grin. "It's really about the people here, I love the people."

Hunter began volunteering here 43 years ago after her husband died from a heart attack. "I just love staying active, that's the secret," Hunter told FOX8. "If you stop moving, you won't get up. Even if I'm watching TV, I usually have a crossword puzzle in my lap."

As with most hospitals, the halls are a hike. Not a problem for her. She zips down the halls at a pretty brisk pace. "We've watched her all morning. She's not out of breath and has been busy the entire time we've been here," said Janet Moon, who was in admissions with her mother.

So, what's her secret? How in the world is she able to still be so active and feel so good? "It's clean living is what I always say. No drinking or smoking, but I have lots of coffee and I have to have my chocolates," she laughs. "And seriously, keep busy. Stay active. Once you stop, you'll be sitting there the rest of your life. People always ask me how old I am and then tell me I'm so lucky and I tell them that I am very blessed."

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