Piedmont high school on high alert after threat

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- A Piedmont high school is on high alert Tuesday after administrators got word that some students may be planning violence on campus.

Atkins High School in Winston-Salem is taking precautionary measures to keep students safe.

There will be an increased police presence on campus today. The principal sent out a note to parents Monday night saying these threats they've heard about may not be credible, but they are not going to take any chances.

Principal Joe Childers of Atkins High School said administrators found out some students had been texting about potential violence on campus. Now school  officials are investigating.

Meanwhile, the principal said in his statement to parents:

 "We believe our school is and will continue to be safe, and we will have extra officers on campus as a precaution."

The school has not yet been able to verify these threats.