National volunteer week celebrates ordinary people doing extraordinary things

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Tina Sumner and Gay Brown have been friends for some 30 years. They laugh about anything and everything. Even finish each other’s sentences. But most rewarding and enjoyable out of all their doings together is volunteering for Greensboro Urban Ministry at Partnership Village.

"When you've been given much, I think much is expected back out of you," said Brown. "We fix a welcome basket. We buy a laundry basket and fill it up with things, household things. If you're homeless and have nothing, this is something that says we care about you."

Partnership Village provides housing for the homeless and is part of Greensboro Urban Ministry.

"These are small things, but you know, when you do a bunch of small things they add up to a big thing," Brown added.

The two friends are only two of some 2,000 people who volunteer their time for the ministry. The volunteers are all ages -- teenagers all the way up to people in their 90s.

"We wouldn't be able to do any of this if not for all the volunteers," said Ann Morelli, director of Partnership Village.

This week, April 12-18, is National Volunteer Week.