Triad family fights off would-be home invaders

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- When KiJuana Foster got her firearm permit a few weeks ago, it was to protect herself and her family. But she never expected she’d have to use it so soon.

“By my luck I had that, to protect myself and protect my kids,” she said Thursday morning.

About 12 hours earlier, just before midnight on Wednesday, Foster and her fiancé – Roy Rhymer – were asleep in their home on Barbara Jane Avenue in Winston-Salem.

“It sounded like someone trying to make their way in my house - trying to invade,” Foster said. “Sounded like somebody trying to come through my door.”

Police say six men, armed with guns, had made their way inside their home. Also in the home were their three children. However, the children were on the other side of the home, with the would-be home invaders in between them.

“You could hear them kick the door and everything, hear when they came to make entry,” Rhymer said.

Foster fired her weapon at the invaders.

“They started shooting back, they all ran out of the house,” she said.

Rhymer then made his way to his blind daughter’s room, and found two of the men inside her closet. He said one of the men ran out when he realized the second man was in there.

“Another guy charged at me and then we just started tussling from there, and I just, I blacked out,” Rhymer said.

Rhymer told FOX8 he had knocked out the man, and police say they arrested that man, identified as 32-year-old Brian James Smith, of Winston-Salem.

Jarvus Asante Bruton Edwards, 16, and Antown Dannell Glenn, 17, both of Minneapolis, Minn., have also been arrested in connection with the home invasion. They are each charged with first-degree burglary and robbery with a dangerous weapon.

Three other suspects are still sought by police.

Rhymer later found out that one of the men had put a gun to his son’s head.

“Put the gun to your kid’s head, all of that crazy stuff, instead of going out here and just making an honest dollar getting your own money,” Rhymer said. “It just makes me mad; I’m furious.”

“I wish we could have got more of them, I wish we could’ve got them all,” Foster said. “I don’t regret [anything] that happened.”

Rhymer did admit to FOX8 that he is a convicted felon, but said he had left crime behind him and was looking to better his life for the sake of his family. He believes that may be why the men were after him.

None of the family members were injured.

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