Robert Durst may be connected to disappearance of Connecticut woman

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SIMSBURY, Conn. — A notorious millionaire who is suspected of murder could be behind the disappearance of a college student from Simsbury.

Lynne Schulze went missing from Middlebury College in Vermont almost 44 years ago.

Now, police are investigating to see if Robert Durst may be behind her disappearance.

A documentary was made on real estate mogul Robert Durst and the mysterious circumstances around his life.

Durst was already on the radar of investigators after the HBO show ‘The Jinx’ was shooting a documentary on Durst.

Earlier this month, Durst was charged with murdering his friend Susan Berman back in 2000.

He was also acquitted back in 2003 for the murder of his Texas neighbor Morris Black.

In 1982, Durst’s wife Kathleen disappeared, but he was never charged.

After an interview for the documentary, Durst was using the bathroom and didn’t realize his microphone was on, and reportedly associated himself with several murders.

During a press conference on Tuesday, Middlebury police in Vermont said they want to talk to Durst about the disappearance of Simsbury native Lynne Schulze.

“This is a person who is very interesting to us. We have had names of other people that have popped up that may have been suspicious, but we can’t provide any tie of those people into the case. People who might have known her, a former boyfriend, that sort of thing. And we have ruled a lot of those people out,” said Middlebury Police Chief Tom Hurley.

When Linda Oseychik bought a home in Simsbury 37 years ago, she would be forever connected to Lynne Schulze and her family.

“Over the years, yes the adult children, her siblings have stopped by to just visit the house and bring their own children to the house,” Oseychik said.

For years she said the family has always wondered what happened to Lynne Schulze.

The teen disappeared in 1971 from Middlebury College.

“I can’t imagine living out your life never knowing what happened to your child,” Oseychik said.

Also during the press conference on Tuesday, Lead Investigator Kristine Bowdish said Middlebury police received a tip from a citizen in July of 2012 that led them to believe Durst could be connected to the disappearance of Schulze.

“We were told that Robert Durst owned and operated the health food store ‘All Good Things’ in Middlebury at the same time Lynne went missing,” Bowdish said. “The tip came from a person with no firsthand knowledge of a connection between Robert Durst and Lynne Schulze.”

Durst is on suicide watch inside of a Louisiana jail. He is being held without bond because he is considered a flight risk.

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