High Point residents start petition to prevent speeding on Johnson Street

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- Residents on Johnson Street say speeding is a big problem throughout their neighborhood and are petitioning for the city to change the street from a high-traffic, collector road to a residential street.

Some residents say there have been at least a dozen car accidents along Johnson Street in the past year.

The most recent was on Sunday when a car crashed into the front yard of a home on Louise Avenue and Johnson Street.

No one was hurt but residents want the street to change from high traffic to residential before that happens.

Making the street residential is the only way to add speed bumps, lower the speed limit and make other changes which would help slow drivers down.

Resident Gloria Halstead says another alternative would be opening up the street to two-way traffic.

"If they had another approaching them, they couldn't go their speeds, they would be afraid to,” Halstead said. “That would slow the traffic down."

“We're afraid to park our cars in the street,” said resident Taylor West, who is gathering signatures for the petition. "It's just a bad problem that none of us feel real good about or safe about."

High Point Director of Transportation Mark McDonald says Johnson Street is a major thoroughfare and can't be changed without affecting other roads nearby.

McDonald also says there were only four crashes on Johnson Street in 2014.

He says less than 15 percent of the traffic goes over 35 mph.

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