High Point considers anti-tethering law

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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- Areas throughout North Carolina are rolling out anti-tethering ordinances, making it illegal for pet owners to leave their animals outside, alone, on a tether.

One city not on that list is High Point.

Although Guilford County does have an ordinance prohibiting tethering, because High Point touches multiple counties, it is not required to follow that law.

Jennifer Younger, a High Point resident, went to the city council meeting earlier in March to ask council why High Point doesn't have a similar ordinance.

"Because I've seen animals tied up, and they look so sad and suffering," Younger said.

High Point City Councilwoman Cynthia Davis said her speech is what got the ball rolling and now the city council is discussing proposing its own ordinance to ban tethering.

Davis said that, in 2010, the City Council discussed creating an anti-tethering ordinance, but it never came to fruition. That was a different council, though, and Davis said she and her colleagues are committed to animal welfare.

"When my daughter was growing up, we had many, many pets in our home," she said. "They're a member of our family. Our dogs would always be a part of the family inside the home."

The Burlington City Council recently passed an anti-tethering ordinance that will take full effect in July 2016. The Guilford County ordinance will begin to be fully enforced on Sept. 1 of this year.

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