Guilford County Schools need additional $26 million in funds

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Guilford County Schools officials say they need more money to teach kids next school year -- $26 million in additional funds than they received for the current school year.

In order to get this extra money, the board of commissioners will have to approve it.

For the current school year the county provided $179.4 million. If the budget presented by the superintendent is approved, they'd get $205.3 million for the 2015-2016 school year.

The superintendent's proposed budget details many ways the money would be spent.

The majority of the extra money, about $14.5 million, would go to restore school cuts.

More specifically, it would bring back 149 teaching positions that were eliminated in prior budget cuts. School leaders say more teachers would result in smaller class sizes.

Also, the money would go to purchase classroom supplies and books.

It would also help pay for programs the state requires of public schools that have been cut in the state's proposed budget -- like driver's education.

Additionally, increased funds would go towards teacher pay.

The schools system says it has experienced more than $40 million in cuts over the past six years from the state and hasn’t received all of its requested funds from the county in previous years.

School officials say they have reached a point where not receiving all of the requested money for the upcoming school year could mean consequences to students' education.

We reached out to commissioners for comment. They say they'll start reviewing the budget proposal in May.

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