UNCG building named after white supremacist former governor may be renamed

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Students describe Aycock Auditorium as one of the biggest and most prominently-positioned buildings on campus.

"It's a large building and it's very nice," said freshman Destiny Villalobos. "But the name on it -- it makes it not as pretty."

The auditorium is named after Charles Aycock, who was governor of North Carolina from 1901-1905. He's known for being a strong advocate for public education, but also for being a white supremacist.

Today UNCG held a public forum to discuss potentially changing the name of the auditorium. The university also created a committee that will look into arguments for and against a name change and report back to UNCG's Board of Trustees that will ultimately make the final decision.

Students who attended the forum said the name Aycock contradicts what campus is really like.

"I am constantly reminded that this man was for segregated schools," Villalobos said. "How can I be comfortable in a diverse school when I have a building that was named for a person that didn't even support black people being here?"

Duke University decided last year to change the name of its freshman residence hall named after Aycock. A spokesperson for East Carolina University said ECU is in the process of phasing out the name Aycock on one of its buildings. The Board of Trustees for UNC Chapel Hill plans to meet tomorrow to continue the discussion on renaming its Aycock dorm.

For more information about UNCG's Aycock Auditorium, or to provide input on a name change, visit aycock.ung.edu.