Man who lost 270 pounds ‘overwhelmed’ by donations for skin-removal surgery

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NEW YORK -- A man in Brooklyn who lost half his body weight posted an emotional video online saying how grateful and overwhelmed he is by the support he received from strangers.

Matt Diaz lost 270 pounds after receiving lap band surgery six years ago, according to WPIX.

The 22-year-old posted a video to his Tumblr page to raise $20,000 for a surgery to remove all the excess skin all over his body. In the video he talks about his personal battle to cope with his body image over the years.

“I think it’s important that I’m not ashamed about who I am because I worked really hard to get here,” Diaz said in the video. “And I still don’t have the body that I want but I’m trying really hard to love myself.”

His GoFundMe page raised $55,000 for his surgery.

Diaz is set to meet with plastic surgeons this week, according to WPIX.

He told the station he will donate any leftover money to others struggling with body image issues.