Man pointed gun inside NC hospital, held hospital employee hostage

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Ashan Louisne

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Police said a man walked into the emergency room at Carolinas Medical Center early Sunday morning and pointed a pistol at a man, then briefly kidnapped a hospital employee before police were able to arrest him.

Officers charged Ashan Louisne, 26, of Portsmouth, Va., with assault and kidnapping, along with other charges, after the incident around 2:40 a.m. Sunday.

Officers were outside of the emergency room on an unrelated call when they saw people frantically leaving the emergency room, saying there was a man with a handgun inside. Police said the officers drew their weapons and tactically entered. Officers gave the suspect verbal commands to drop his weapon.

The suspect did not point his gun at police, but refused to obey their commands and hid behind a wall. The suspect came out from behind the wall several times. Officers continued to give verbal commands, but he refused to drop the weapon and kept going back behind the wall.

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