Burglary suspect busted by Snapchat

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FAIRFIELD, Maine — A man in Maine was busted in connection to a burglary after his Snapchat revealed his location to police.

Christopher Wallace posted a message on Snapchat saying he had returned to his home on Norridgwock Road in Maine after the police department made a public announcement that they were looking for him a few weeks prior.

The department was then tipped off about his Snapchat post according to centralmaine.com.

The 24-year old then posted another Snapchat message saying the police were in his home so he was hiding in a cabinet.

Police were then able to easily find him in a cabinet.

After arresting him Somerset County Sheriff’s deputies posted a message on their Facebook page telling the tale of Wallace’s demise through his use of social media. 2

“A search of the kitchen cabinets turned up some food, some pots and pans, and also a pair of feet,” the Facebook post said. “The pair of feet just so happened to be attached to a person, and that person was Christopher Wallace. He was removed from the cabinet and placed under arrest.”

They said Wallace became cocky after the department asked the public to help locate him, according to centralmaine.com.

Deputies explained that they first received a call about the Snapchat post about 6:30 p.m.

When deputies first went to the home located at 336 Norridgewock Road they found Erika Hall, 20, at the home.

She allowed them to search the home after deputies said they had information about Wallace being home.

Wallace was wanted for the theft of propane and wood stoves.

He was charged with burglary, theft and violation of conditions of release.

“The Facebook page has proved to be an excellent tool in communicating with the public and has allowed public participation in some of these harder to solve cases,” Deputy Chief James Ross told centralmaine.com.

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