NC pastor donates his kidney, saves his own life after doctors make startling discovery

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Source: Go Fund Me page

SALISBURY, N.C. — An act of generosity may have saved a North Carolina pastor’s life.

Pastor Tim Jones offered to donate his kidney to Don Herbert a professional gospel singer and former wrestler he met at a fundraiser.

Herbert was in Stage 5 of kidney failure and urgently needed a transplant when Jones offered to help.

“I wanted to give him a chance at life, I wanted to give him hope,” Jones told WBTV.

Herbert received his new kidney at Duke University Medical Center.

However, Herbert wasn’t the only one who received a life saving surgery that day. While doctors were operating they found an aneurysm in one of Jones’ arteries, according to the Salisbury Post.

The surgery took twice as long as expected but doctors caught the aneurysm before it ruptured.

“God used the story to save both our lives,” Jones told the Post. “If I hadn’t listened to God’s voice to give my kidney, I might not have been here much longer if it ruptured.”