Police using leprechauns for Las Vegas crosswalk enforcement

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LAS VEGAS — If you see leprechauns crossing roadways in Las Vegas, you are not hallucinating.

In fact, the green folks are being utilized to promote pedestrian safety at mid-block crosswalks.

Officers from Las Vegas Metro and Clark County School District police, among others, are teaming up to enforce driving laws when it comes to crosswalks.

Organizers are scheduled to perform the enforcement at Desert Inn Road east of Decatur Boulevard from noon to 3 p.m. The enforcement event took place in the morning near Jones Boulevard and Dewey Drive.

Under plans for the event, officers will keep an eye on the crosswalks and stop anyone who fails to yield to pedestrians.

While there is some humor in the sight of a mythical character crossing the street, UNLV’s Safe Community Partnership says the eye-catching effort is supposed to remind drivers of stopping at the marked sections.

The program cites recent deadly crashes involving pedestrians for choosing those locations.

Source: KVVU