Piedmont sports group cashes in during ACC Tournament

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- College basketball players aren't the only athletes working hard at the Greensboro Coliseum during the ACC Tournament.

Behind the cash register of one concession stand you'll finding emerging athletes who could use some of the money they're collecting.

"We raise money for kids who cannot afford to play sports," said Richard Cox, with Sports Dreams Inc.

Sports Dreams raises money to help teenagers afford out of town trips for games, registration fees and equipment.

"We have a very diverse group," said Cox. "We have kids from Cameroon, the Congo, Mexico and we have kids from Asia."

All the kids are being raised in the Piedmont Triad though.

Working behind the counter at the tournament also gives those kids volunteer credit for school and some retail experience before most of them are old enough to get a job.

Cox said Sports Dreams helps give these kids a chance to excel at their given sport at a time when playing is costly.

"If we could not do it, it would be a lot of kids on the street getting into things they shouldn't," said Cox.