Sailor sentenced for wearing unearned medals at UNC Military Appreciation Day

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NORFOLK, Va. — A sailor has been sentenced for wearing unearned medals at UNC Military Appreciation Day.

The Virginian-Pilot reported that Norfolk-based sailor Seaman Matthew Cottom was sentenced to 45 days confinement for wearing medals that he didn’t earn on his uniform.

The seaman also received a reduction in rank to seaman recruit and his pay will be cut in half for two months.

The paper reported that Cottom was sentenced Wednesday after pleading guilty in a court-martial to wearing unauthorized insignia and ribbons on his uniform. One of the medals included a Purple Heart.

One incident occurred last October during Military Appreciation Day at the University of North Carolina. The other one happened while Cottom was at a church service in his home town, Saltillo, Miss., last July.

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