Controversy surrounds photo of baby wrapped in American flag

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. -- A photographer and Navy veteran is facing criticism for a photo she took and posted to Facebook of a baby being held up by an American flag.

Vanessa Hicks' photo was shared on a Facebook page called "You Call Yourself a Photographer?" The page called the photo disgusting and claimed Hicks desecrated the American flag by using it as a prop. 

Hicks said when she came up with the idea for the photo she meant for it to stand for pride and honor.

“I do believe that this picture right here shows what it means to be an American,” Hicks told WTKR.

After the photo was shared Hicks started to get private messages commenting on all of her photos.

Hicks tried to report the page to Facebook but they refused to take it down.

Despite the criticism, Hicks, who joined the Navy right out of high school, said she’s not backing down

“That flag, the uniform, that baby–exactly what every service member is out there fighting [for],” she told WTKR.

Hick served for four years and is now married to a sailor who is deployed.

She said this photo represents everything she and other sailors have fought for.

“I hope that other people want this pose," she told WTKR. "I will absolutely do it and share it proudly.”