Kernersville students use Skype to learn about Bulgaria

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KERNERSVILLE, N.C. -- A group of kindergarten and third grade students at Kernersville's Sedge Garden Elementary were not paying attention to their teachers today. And that's OK, because the teachers were not leading the lesson.

Instead the kids were using Skype to watch and listen to Michael Pelehach, a Fulbright scholar from Oak Ridge. Pelehach is currently in Bulgaria, teaching English to 250 high school students.

"I think languages are really important, not just for Bulgarians but for Americans." Pelehach said. "Americans should learn more languages because when you know a new language you can communicate with more people."

The kids in Kernersville asked Pelehach about the kids, language and holidays in Bulgaria. Third grade teacher Hilda Servello says interacting with Pelehach is better than reading a lesson from a social studies book.

"It's first-hand information. It's the experience you see in someone's eyes. You can't get that from a book; they can't hear his excitement, what he feels from his students," Servello said.

Learning about another culture and language can be a big lesson for kindergarten kids. Kindergarten teacher Elizabeth Noell believes learning about someone's culture can help her young students grow into adults that can appreciate everyone's traditions.

"I especially hope they become more sensitive to other cultures. We are all the same but with some differences," Noell said.

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