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Elon University students visit Selma for 50th commemoration

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SELMA, Ala. -- A small group Elon University students visited Selma, Alabama for the 50th commemoration of Bloody Sunday and the march.

Senior Kira Hood said the trip was a part of her global studies class entitled “Disarming Injustice: Nonviolence and the Civil Rights Movement.”

Under the leadership of Dr. Frances Ward-Johnson, the students were able to hear the speeches from civil rights leader and Congressman John Lewis and President Obama.

Hood said crossing the Edmund Pettus Bridge was empowering.

“Just to picture what happened 50 years ago and now I am able to walk the bridge safely. It’s very moving that we've come this far," Hood said.

Hood said that to honor the original marchers and their quest for equality, everyone must continue to exercise their right to vote and open their mind to different beliefs.

"I think one way everyone can make a difference just in their daily lives is talking to the people around them and getting different perspectives and stretching their minds and opening their hearts to people lives and perspectives and backgrounds," Hood said.

The students also have assignments following their Selma experience that include journals and interviewing people who lived during the civil rights movement.

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