Man finds message in his cereal, feels lucky after reading it

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LONDON, Ontario — A teacher in Canada opened his box of cereal to find a bittersweet handwritten message, according to the Waterloo Regional Record.

“This is the very last bag of Canadian cereal for the Canadian market from Kellogg’s London, Ontario plant,” read the message, written on a bag of Frosted Flakes. It also listed the names of the people that wrote it.

It was a goodbye note. The man had opened the last box of cereal ever made before the Kellogg’s London, Ontario plant closed.

“I thought about it more as a family man while having breakfast with my two kids — I have a job to go to, I’m lucky,” Gaudette said, according to the paper.

Mike Cascadden, Ray Gonsalves and Fraser MacAulay all signed the note on Dec. 5, according to the paper. They had each been with the plant for more than 20 years. The plant had been open for more than 100 years.

Gaudette described the bag as a “sad artifact.” He said he has left it in the box as is.

Read full story: The Waterloo Regional Record

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