Triad continues to grow as craft beer market

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Every place wants to be a, "destination." But you need a draw, first.

Asheville has found one, with its 18 craft breweries and, now, the Triad hopes to do the same. When craft brewers discovered that 44 percent of people 21 - 27-years-of-age have never tried a Budweiser, they saw an opening.

Not only that, but nearly half of adults under 40 consider themselves (to one degree or another), "Foodies." And foodies love craft beer - and restaurants love both, since people who are willing to spend a dollar or two more for their pint are more likely to order the higher-end food as well.

In this edition of the Buckley Report, see how the Triad continues to grow as a craft beer market and what those brewers still need to do, to succeed.

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