Randolph County couple happily married after 65 years; what’s their secret?

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STALEY, N.C. -- Hampton Pike has worked his land in Staley, near Asheboro, for so long, caring for not just cows and tobacco, but a marriage we could all learn a little something from.

"When I met her, it just blew my mind," laughed Hampton, 88, about his wife Mabel. The two have been married now for 65 years. "It started off tough, we started off with nothing."

The two met at a high school basketball game and began to build their life together. They built a cattle farm, a dairy farm and raised a family they're proud of.

"I didn't know anything about a tractor-trailer or cows, but you just learn," Mabel said. "You have to have love, trust, faith and do a whole lot of give and take."

So what's their secret? They say it's important to have a little fun and to genuinely like the other person. They spent a good part of our interview joking around.

"He was an only child, ugh," laughed Mabel. "But he's the most generous, kindhearted man ever. I'd marry him again today in a second."

They say they always saw themselves as a team and focused on building each other up, not down, even in the tough times.

"He tells me all the time he got the pick of the crop and I tell him, I did too," Mabel said.

Life has had its rougher times. Mabel had uterine cancer many years ago and Hampton has had five aneurisms over the years.

"We just take care of each other, talk nicely and know that we're a team," said Hampton. "It really doesn't seem all that long, 65 years. Actually, I think we just love each other more."

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