Greensboro City Council to discuss nightclub security ordinance

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — The Greensboro City Council will discuss a new nightclub ordinance in mid-March that could significantly change the way those businesses operate.

The changes are designed to make nightclubs safer by adding more security requirements to clubs, especially those with a history of violence.

The city council started talking about these changes a few months ago, after a string of violence at downtown nightclubs in November.

In January, the city council held two public meetings about the potential changes.

At those meetings nightclub owners spoke out against the ordinance because they said the new security requirements would be too expensive.

As a compromise, the changes up for discussion tonight would make the requirements for clubs different based on whether a club has a history of violence.

If a club has not had a recent violent incident, the club would be required to have a nightclub permit, security cameras and a security guard.

Nightclubs that have had a recent violent incident would be required to hire armed security guards for Thursday through Saturday nights. The number of security guards would depend on the club’s capacity.

Clubs would also have to use metal detectors and keep a roster of customers for 14 days. The enhanced security measures would last for 18 months after the violent incident under the new ordinance.

If the ordinance is adopted all clubs will get a fresh start.

Club owners will have 60 days to comply with the new security requirements.

The next discussion will take place on March 17.

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