‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ star, Dakota Johnson, joins ‘ISIS’ in controversial SNL spoof

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NEW YORK — Don’t listen to the haters, Dakota Johnson: You made your famous mother proud.

The “Fifty Shades” actor received mixed reviews for her appearance this weekend on “Saturday Night Live.” Despite a few crowd-pleasing moments, a controversial sketch starring Johnson as an ISIS recruit dominated conversation of the episode.

Amid the furor, Johnson’s mother, Melanie Griffith, chimed in Sunday with a totally unbiased view.

“She killed it!!! Wow! I loved her poise, her comic timing, her grace, loved everything she did!!” Griffith said on Twitter.

Griffith and her ex-husband, Don Johnson, were in the audience for their daughter’s monologue, which she used to riff on the film adaptation of E.L. James’ hit erotic novel. She also made it personal by noting that in December 1988, “my mother stood in this exact spot and hosted ‘SNL.’ ” After the show, her father proposed to her mother “for the second time,” she said as the camera panned to her parents, who jokingly shielded their eyes.

Memorable or not, the monologue was overshadowed by a skit featuring Johnson playing an ISIS recruit.

The fake recruiting ad shows a father dropping off his daughter at the airport.

“Are you sure you don’t want to do another year of high school?” the father asks.

“Dad, it’s just ISIS,” the daughter says and trots off to a truck filled with armed gunmen.

Some viewers took to social media to criticize the skit as bad form.

“After recent killings, why would Dakota Johnson think that would be funny,” author Steena Holmes tweeted, a sentiment echoed by many.

But “SNL” cast member Taran Killam, who played the father in the skit, said he was proud of the sketch.

“Freedom to mock is our greatest weapon. Thanks to the writers who asked not to be mentioned by name,” he tweeted.

Anyway, all that matters is what your parents think, right?

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