Vehicle crashes into Gold’s Gym in downtown Winston-Salem

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A vehicle left the road and hit the Gold's Gym at the corner of Fourth and Marshall streets downtown. (Arika Herron/Winston-Salem Journal)

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — The front desk attendant at Gold’s Gym got a surprise early Saturday morning when a vehicle left the road and hit the building at the corner of Fourth and Marshall streets downtown, according to the Winston-Salem Journal.

Around 4 a.m., two vehicles were involved in a crash that caused one vehicle to crash through shrubs at the street corner. The vehicle hit a column in front of the gym and smashed several panels of glass at the gym entrance. The driver narrowly missed a light post on the sidewalk. Several newspaper boxes were damaged in the accident, as well as an electrical outlet box.

One employee was sitting at the front desk of the 24-hour facility when the wreck occurred, according to Eric Knaff, general manager of the gym. He said there may have been one or two people working out at the time. No one was injured.

A glass panel was damaged and has since been boarded over and the glass swept up. The gym is operating normally, Knaff said. He estimated damage to the facility at several thousand dollars.

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