IMAP drivers busy with snow-related wrecks Tuesday

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. -- Transportation crews worked fast to pick up the slack after the snow took people by surprise. Even so, there were a couple hours when cars were skidding, causing dozens of crashes across the Piedmont Triad.

“People [were] just going too fast. A lot of people weren’t expecting what we had,” said Wes Soots, Incident Management Assistance Patrols (IMAP) driver with the North Carolina Department of Transportation. “We were mainly busy with a lot of the wrecks. Just people running off the road, running into guard rails, running into each other and everything. That's mainly what we were running into this morning.”

NCDOT officials in Guilford County say they helped almost 15 stranded drivers over the course of roughly two hours Tuesday morning.

Now, they’re urging drivers to keep an eye on the forecast for more snow later this week.

“If the roads get the least little bit, stay at home for a while and let the road crews try to clean it off as best as they can,” said Soots.