Baby penguins make debut at Greensboro Science Center

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — The baby boom continues at the Greensboro Science Center’s Carolina SciQuarium, with five more African penguin chicks getting ready to join the flock.

Males Brady and Jordy and females Raven, Keuchly and Wangari will be introduced to Penguin Point today.

Raven, born Oct. 29, could have joined the adult penguins earlier, but the keepers held her back until some of the other chicks were old enough to go out with her.

Pecking order is no joke in penguin colonies, and the young ones get picked on more if they don’t have clutch mates.

“Chicks typically stay together and form their own hierarchy, which means they help each other from getting picked on too much by older birds,” senior keeper Carmen Murray said.

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