What to expect Tuesday in the Piedmont Triad

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A wintry mix will continue to fall across the Piedmont with more snow north and west and sleet in the Triad with freezing rain and sleet south of the Triad. As we go through the night, the freezing rain and sleet will advance farther north and become mostly freezing rain over the south. Temperatures are very cold, so anything that falls will have impact on roads, bridges, etc. Unfortunately, there may be enough freezing rain over the southern and eastern parts of the coverage area for power outages. Greatest threat for power issues will be near and south of US 64.

Snowfall and sleet should total 6-10 inches in the NW (foothills and mou1655926_929858930380485_7363470945370023706_nntains) and amounts lower as one goes SE toward the Triad. In the Triad amounts will vary from NW to SE too. Generally 2-4 inches of snow and sleet for the Triad with much of this falling as sleet and the highest numbers in the northern and western sections. The SE part of the Triad should see 1-2 inches of snow & sleet with near 0.25 inch of freezing rain. South of the Triad cities, less than 1 inch of sleet with limited snow and 0.25 to near 0.50″ of freezing rain. This area is where the threat of power outages will be greatest. Be prepared power could be out for a few days in worst hit areas.

Everything moves out early in the morning and should climb above freezing near lunch. Even the sun should show mixed with clouds in the afternoon. Highs around 35.